Aircraft Window Tinting in Palmdale & Lancaster, CA

Aircraft Tint Advantages

1. Enhanced Protection from Ultraviolet "A" radiation
UVA exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer and will damage most organic materials. Standard plastic transparencies block practically all UVB and about 80% of UVA rays. Aircraft tint blocks all of the UV and >99% of all UVA rays. The harm caused by UV can be reduced by a factor of 20, when Artic Plane products are compared to standard acrylic materials.

UV radiation intensely increases approximately 5% with every 1000 ft of altitude while traditional plastic transparencies provide adequate UV protection at sea level it is insufficient at higher altitudes. Pilots, passengers and interior materials may be exposed to periods of high UVA radiation without the protection offered by Tint This.

2. Solar Energy Control
For small and medium-sized aircraft and helicopters, the interior heat build up is a serious problem when not in flight. Artic Plane Tints block out a significant portion of the Near-Infrared Radiation (NIR); this results in less heat. This benefit is gained without sacrificing Visible Light Transmission (VLT), compared to standard materials. For a given VLT, Artic Plane tints reduce the NIR radiation (solar energy heat) that penetrates the aircraft by about 30%.

3. Benefits are synergistic
Damage to aircraft interiors results from periods of inactivity while parked in the sun. The combination of UV radiation (*even at sea level) and high temperatures accelerate the rate of damage to all nonmetallic materials inside the aircraft. The rate of photochemical degradation of organic materials exposed to UV radiation is approximately doubled with every 18°F temperature increase. Keeping the temperatures lower and the UV out will increase the service life of interior components.

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